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Posted on Jan 5, 2021


Keep an eye fixed on your pool If your pool is roofed, remember to periodically remove any debris above the duvet and check underneath it to confirm you've got no unwanted surprises down there. In addition, the winter-induced wind or snow can put stress on your cover, so ensure that your cover, attachments, water bags, and lawn anchors are securely attached so that they don’t come loose.

Balance your water chemistry Water chemistry balancing isn't as demanding because it could seem, but it's an important a part of protecting your pool or spa investment. If pH, alkalinity, acid, and calcium hardness are out of ordinary ranges for an extended period of your time, it can wreak havoc on your pool equipment and surfaces. In the winter, you must balance your pH, pool water weekly at a minimum; spa users are recommended to test their water chemistry every two to 3 days. additionally, use an algaecide to kill any existing algae and stop new blooms during the winter. Your sanitizer levels will be reduced during the winter months, while still maintaining the correct water chemistry balance.
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