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Posted on Jan 5, 2021


watch out for freezing weather If water is left in your equipment during the winter, the weather condition can freeze and expand the water and ruin your equipment and plumbing. So remember to stay an eye fixed on your freeze guard to confirm that your pool equipment has circulation when temperatures plummet. this could facilitate your avoid expensive repairs from frozen equipment or plumbing.

filter out unwanted debris As debris builds up, remember to empty your skimmer baskets, pump baskets, floor cleaner containers, and cleaner bags. this can keep your water and equipment cleaner, while also making your life easier within the spring.

Clean your pool surfaces Maintaining clean walls, floors and other pool surfaces will prevent algae growth. Skimming, vacuuming, and brushing organic debris on a weekly basis could be a great off-season pool care habit which will prevent time handling green, dirty water within the spring. Tip: Don’t forget to brush the hard to urge areas, including behind ladders, steps, and corners.
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